Carol's Cup & Alorro Gold, 6x6 & 36x36"

"Carol's Cup" 6x6" Oil (Sold)

Tea cups continue to grab my attention for subject matter for my small 6x6 series because they fit so well in a square format. I hope to have "Carol's Cup" varnished in time for Caswell Gallery's First Friday opening on Feb 7th. They have also asked me to produce a few larger pieces for them and I have worked and worked on this piece (below) and boy did it have it's challenges, but I think I'm finally done with it...

"Alloro Gold" 36x36" Oil

Because I normally work on a smaller scale, the size difference was certainly new and challenging.  Have you ever sized up and things just didn't go so well?  Yeah, I feel your pain! Figuring out brushstrokes, composition, mixing much larger piles of color were all changed up. Furthermore, I went through the painting without sketching out a composition, and that was the biggest challenge of all. Asking upon my fellow artist friends to help me see through the fog, it became apparent that it was composition. From that, I certainly realized my hard lesson to make a few compositional sketches before I put any paint down. Painted predominantly with a palette knife.

Here is a slide show of it's process by "FlipoGram", an app I found that makes a fun slide show. It was easy to use and fun to see how the painting evolved. Have a peek HERE.

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