Swift Crossing, 20x16"

"Swift Crossing" with detail, 20x16" Pastel

Back when I went on my adventure to New York City last September, I walked what felt like 20 miles on the streets with my camera at the ready. There was activity and color that would last me a lifetime of painting inspiration, but the deciding factor must offer a decent composition. Here, "Swift Crossing" has that typical "U" shaped composition so characteristic of any street scene lined with buildings. I like to think some compositions are much like the alphabet, offering up the "S" curve, "L", "V" or "T" to name a few. It was the people crossing the street in what reminded me of the "Beatles" album cover "Abbey Road" that attracted me the most of this scene. I worked with the color a lot, having first used filters on Instagram to see where I could push the colors and mood. I ended up with a more intense and darker look than the original image, I think it works. Thoughts?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What brand of pastels do you use and where could somebody purchase it?

11/20/15, 7:42 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

HI Anonymous,

I favor Terry Ludwig pastels and a few others like Sennelier and Unison.
The artwork will be available at Attic Gallery in Jan. 2016 www.atticgallery.com

11/27/15, 4:45 PM  

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