Never thought I'd say it, but...

I knew the summer months were going to be a fast-paced rush into the Fall, and they sure were, and boy am I glad it's slowin' down!  I can't believe I would ever say "I'm looking forward to the Fall", being a summer-time sun-loving kind of spirit, but the Fall comes with studio painting time and perhaps more of a routine. What has happened in the past 3 months? A LOT! So I think I'll keep this post pretty short albeit image heavy. So here goes....

June 7-Sept 7th, Oregon Historical Museum's "Clink, a Taste of Oregon Wine" show and exhibit. The show just ended but it was a great exhibit with wine tastings and stories of the history of Oregon's production of grapes and it's wine industry.
"Sentinel's Domaine"  24x24" Pastel  $2,200

June 25-July 10th, Yamhill Lavender Plein Air Festival:  Lovely lavender inspired great summer outings with palette and paint.

"Lavender Lodge" 12x12" Oil
Honorable Mention, Yamhill Lavender Plien Air

July 20-27th, Door County Plein Air Invitational: Beautiful scenery and weather, great artists, bowling, and a live auction. I am hoping for a repeat next year!
"Hardy's Garage" 11x14" Oil  Sold

"Farmer's Field" 11x14" Oil  Sold

"Morning Birches" 8x10" Pastel  Sold

"Clark Park Dock" 10x8" Pastel  Sold

On the easel "To His Koy Mistress"  16x12" Pastel

August 7-9th, Portland Art Museum Plein Air Invitational-Paris in the Parks: Two solid days of painting finished up with 1 solid day of showing. Met some interesting people in all levels of society within the parks.
No citations...yet

"Street Notes" 14x11" Oil

"Walking Amongst Towers" 14x11" (cropped)

"Sunrise on the Hawthorne" 11x14" Oil

August 17th, Arts Council of Lake Oswego Garden Party Paint out: What a treat to paint to live music with people who are involved in the fine art industry. I like how the champagne glasses twinkle.

"Garden Party" 8x10" Oil  (cropped)  Sold

August 24th, Villa Catalana Paint Out:  A painting day with 20 other plein air artists on a Spanish style estate, all decked out with a lotus pond and winery.
"Contemplation Pond" 16x12" Oil

Then about a month ago, I got notice that "The Blue Line" received the President's Award at the Pastel Society of America's 42nd Annual.  So I went to NYC last weekend with my husband to take in some sights and to receive the award. What an honor. Then while I was writing this post, I got news that this piece was selected to hang in the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio. After it returns home, it will have traveled a total of 6,630 miles. Pretty ironic for a painting of a street car.

"The Blue Line" 24x24" Pastel  $2,600

Pictured here with PSA President Jimmy Wright

Then the good news keeps on getting better! Just a few days ago I got notice that his piece below, "Stopping Point" was awarded "Best Pastel" in the Bold Brush August show. Artist's Happy Dance!  It will be hanging in the Beaverton Art's Mix, or "BAM!" this coming Sept 30-Oct 12th.

"Stopping Point" 20x16" Pastel  

So with all this activity one could clearly understand why my blog postings have nearly stopped. I still hope to establish a better pace of posting now that the Fall begets a regular schedule. My routine has already started to settle down just a bit as I prepare for a weekly Pastel Class Series hosted by the Oregon Society of Artists.  These classes will be a reflection of my intensive workshops, but at a much slower pace so the students can take their time with each concept. So there you have it. My crazy, fast paced summer is finally coming to an end.

Well, that's all for now.

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