Spinning Into a World . . .

. . . Like OZ
(recap from April 2021)
The past few months have been a whirlwind of new adventures for me...but not anything like a fun outdoorsy adventure. I"m talking about Online Video adventures.  All because of shitdowns and social distancing, most if not all of us have had to recreate our lives online...and we're either getting pretty good at it or pretty messed up.  Well, I'm feeling a little bit of both. 

A while back, I started teaching pastel painting online, and then I soon found out that online instruction requires a huge mental shift filled with excitement and fear.  Imagine along with me, talking with a group of peers with your eyes closed, sharing how you do what you love to do, say...flying a kite, for example, and then suddenly you are looking into a computer screen trying to explain how to do it.   And then the wind picks up, and then your kite....well. You get my drift.  Needless to say, my mind has been getting quite the workout,  unlike my now flabby body, as it shifts from my vault of information and then transfers that into verbs, computer commands, and clicks, all while laughing at how It all makes sense.  It feels as if I am both running from tornados and running towards them at the same time. And I'm not out of breath!  Are you?

Mostly, what I'm yearning for is the comfort of familiar days.  Who loves a great conversation face to face? Or a good firm handshake or hug. Remember those?  Gosh yes! But you know what?  The return to whatever normal was will be sweeter when we land back on solid ground... hopefully soon.  And oh, how a normal routine will feel ever so sweet.  And the clean-up, no matter how devastating, will be a cathartic rainbow.

Moving along...    

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Anonymous Carlos Arejula said...

Good luck

1/6/22, 11:58 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thank you! I think I have a better hold on the tail of this tornado!

1/8/22, 4:11 PM  

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