Keeping it simple

 Keeping it simple...in a complicated world 

No doubt we are living in very challenging times.  Global warming, cultural division, instant communication, space flights, war, and Covid...and that's just the tip of the iceberg!  Iceberg? Ack!  

Coming from the 60's generation, it would seem we had it tough.  It was rare to have a private phone line, a color television, and fast-food meals. It was not convenient, yes, but it was simple.  While I was raised in poverty for a short time with my unstable Mother, I saw and experienced a LOT of things that have informed my perceptions of the world around me. We got along with very little and struggled. Yet the distractions were few.  Looking back, it really wasn't bad, but that's hindsight.  Having had success and failure in many forms changes our perceptions of life.  The struggle is good, but not fun. We learn from it all and hope for better each time around.

Recently, I recorded a few instructional videos and an online appearance on repurposing pastels The experiences were very challenging and tested my will.  My personal expectations were high and I felt confident.  I am still wondering what the final result will be from it all.  Will it have been worth my time?  Will it inform and inspire others?  Most likely. But who knows.  I allow my hopes to not be crushed if all fails, and I understand that I have no control over much if anything in this world. What works best is living simply and being responsible with choices.  It's like that even more so in the year 2022.  

 If you could change one thing in our world today, what would that be?

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