A different point of view... 

creates new ideas. 

When I was a young child I would spend hours burning energy riding my bouncy horse. After a couple of hundred races, I wondered if there were other ways to ride the horse. Why not? So I tried riding on it facing backward.  And then I tried riding side-saddle and eventually, I discovered hanging upside down was the best...until the blood rushed to my head.

I suppose the horse taught me that changing my perspective might open up new possibilities...and that curiosity could offer up some life lessons.  Flexing my point of view has helped me manage a few challenging circumstances. In these uncertain times, I believe that flexibility is more important than ever before.

Sometimes we can just get in our own way....and sometimes we can get in others' way too.  
A stifled point of view could deem us self-absorbed, judgemental, and even shall I say...narcissistic.  But when we get out of our own way and begin to understand another's viewpoint or life experiences, our compassion and forgiveness grow.  Listen carefully and ask questions to better understand their "why" or "view" to see what makes them "tick". We don't have to agree, yet understanding another's point of view or experience connects us and certainly opens up doors to better relationships in our community.  We humans have the unique ability to have and share compassion for others.

What if?
Why not?
How fun!

Moving along...    


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