How people view our artwork

How people view an artist's work is as unique as the individual. 

Every one of us has life experiences that inform how we look at the world around us.  People view our work as unique as to how each individual person thinks, dreams, senses, and perceives the world around them.  It is so fun to learn about all the angles art will bring to mind while looking, absorbing, dissecting, analyzing, and swallowing the whole piece.

Some will take an analytical approach “Perhaps there is some sort of reference to…?" 
Some will take a dream approach…”It takes me far away…" 
and some will take on a memory approach…”It reminds me of…"

But what do people see when they look at a pastel?  Well, there is one common reaction I get each time, and that is…”Oh, that’s CHALK, isn’t it?  Well, it is the most common art material since the dawn of time and is often mistaken for chalk, but no, it is not chalk.  It’s pure pigment rolled up with a touch of binder.  


The earliest renditions of art are displayed in the caves of Lascaux and were made with mankind's first pastels.  The earliest masters used it to summon up quick ideas and from that time on, artists have relied on its versatility to create beautiful works of fine art.  People will always view our work as individually as the artist creates.

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