Crossing over to the other side...an introspection on life

Crossing over...

Throughout the Fall months in the Northern Hemisphere, a noticeable change in the weather, color, and pace of life is evident. It takes me back to when I was in college. I recall my music history instructor had us study the late 60's album "Bookends" by Simon and Garfunkle.  It is a compilation of songs written about the seasons of life.  

Right now I am feeling as if Fall offers more than seasonal changes.  Lately, I have been practicing introspection as I move and look forward...and back at my life.  Spring:  do you see it in children?  They are blossoming beings, growing and learning day by day.  Summer:  a more relaxed, confident, and productive pace of life.   As we enter into Fall, a keen observation of the colors, temps, and a realization that winter is just around the corner...and over the bridge!  Whoa, the chill of Winter!

Where did the time go?  Fall truly gives us a keen introspective on time. Time is here. It is now, and it should be spent with intention.  How about you?  Do you contemplate the seasons? Do you know where you are in life?   Do tell!

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