Luck of the draw....or playing with aces and jokers?

What if you won a ten-million-dollar jackpot?  How would your life change?  Or would you try to preserve the "who, what, and where" you have become at this point?  It's quite possible your name would be reported on the evening news and the IRS would be banging on your front door. Or perhaps you'd move to Tahiti and wear coconuts for the rest of your life.

Some say that artists are "lucky to be born with talent".  Perhaps there is an eensie-weensie bit of truth to that statement, but there is one large aspect of talent that cannot be overlooked.  It's called TIME.  Having a talent is not luck of the draw. Making a career as an artist takes an entire lifetime of decisions, practice, failures, and experimentation...and there will always be more as time provides.

We each have some special gift (aka jackpot) that makes us who we are.  We all are dealt with opportunities (aces), and circumstances (jokers), that mold our destiny, and millions of decisions that can have a million outcomes. Could it be luck or lack of "the draw"?  Could it be fortuitous or happenstance?  
Perhaps "our time" is the only lucky thing we have.  So play your cards well!

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