West On Canyon, 20x16"

West On Canyon, 20x16" Pastel on sanded paper. ©2010 Brenda Boylan

Been painting like crazy this past week, producing two pieces with a video to accompany my work. The studio has seen more activity than usual and it's because I have a few pieces to complete for a show coming up in February that I didn't know I was in. How can that be? I blame it on lost/misplaced emails. Like last week's post I value my iMac, but it's a two way street with my computer and me...a love/hate relationship. Or is it operator error? Seems that's the way things have been going with my technology lately. Anyway, here is a piece from a shot I took on the way home this past fall, driving in my car and photographing as I drive...hmmm sounds a bit risky-like behavior. Video to follow.


Vanessa said...

WOW, beautiful piece. The colours in the sky are really captivating.

Anonymous said...

not only the wonderful choice of colours but also this composition is great

oli said...

Love it, great color scheme, it looks so easy to me. Wonderful work.

loriann said...

BEAUTIFUL! Love the abstract qualities balanced by the pure beauty of the scene.
Driving while texting can not compare to the level of "distracted driving" a landscape painter takes part in. Confession, I do the same thing... we need to
have drivers so we can record beauty (camera or note taking) while driving.

B Boylan said...

Vanessa, Glad you like it. I'll have a video of the painting process next post.

Rahina, Thanks. I figured the sky's quietness would help to ease the busyness of the street below.

Oli, It was easy...oops, am I supposed to say that?

Loriann, Thanks! I've admired your skies in your past posts and wondered while I was painting this just how was I going to put some neutrals in it?
Can't pass up a good scene when you see one, huh?

Celeste Bergin said...

Brenda....ooooooooo this is good good good. I really love the big and small shapes. Contrasty and dramatic.

B Boylan said...

Thanks Celeste! It's great to get such a good response on this one.