Workshop in May set!

It's not often that I teach a workshop because of my crazy and whacky schedule, but when I do I hope to offer a jam-packed, info-infused workshop experience. Listed on my website are two upcoming pastel workshops for the Spring season geared for the beginner to intermediate pastelist.  Pastel Punch! and Pastels Inside & Out offer about the same type of information, but the Inside & Out workshop offers a day of painting outdoors as well as everything possible about pastels, including a bit on properly framing this dusty medium. I love sharing what I know and what I have learned over the years as an artist...it's when we give our society that spirit of artistic resonance and continuity.  So if you have the desire, come sign up for one of these info packed sessions as I offer only a couple each year.  Oh, and I almost forgot! You can learn a lot about pastel painting at the Plein Air Convention and Expo in Monterey, CA this April.  There will be several sessions presented by world class pastelists such as Clark Mitchell, Jan Mcgraw-Teubner, Richard McKinley, Urania Christy Tarbet, and Lorenzo Chavez to name a few and as well, I have been asked to demonstrate a 1 hour pastel session on the Demo Stage (April 8th)
"Asilomar Overlook" 8x10" Pastel

Pastel Punch!  $325.00  March 22-24 in Springfield, OR
Pastels Inside & Out   $300.00   May 2-4th in St Johns, Portland, OR.

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