Moving Forward...


"A Different Direction"  60x48x1.5"  (in process)
Happy New Year!
If you were to walk across an unsteady bridge, head towards an undiscovered direction, or stay in our world of the familiar, your comfort level matches that of the path.  If you are one to make new resolutions or personal goals, then you know how daunting a small commitment can be...or not.  One thing is certain; change is always present.  It is not the future or the past, it is NOW.  We are always revising and redirecting from moment to moment, just like the flow of a small stream...into the future.  

What if you were to magically repeat the year 2023 with the added wisdom and knowledge you gained from 2023?  Would your life be any different?  The wisdom you gained from the past twelve months might seem small, but to some, a new direction could mean everything.

As I paint, I feel as if I am in a meditative state of mind.  It is a wonder... as I create I am challenging myself to make something out of nothing. Sometimes my direction changes after hours of struggle with one passage.  Have you ever made a wrong turn?  Yeah, it's like that, but all without frustration because creating is "a Journey".  What do you do when you take a new and unexpected direction?  Do you stop to take a closer look?  It might uncover an unfamiliar answer.

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