Needs a "Title" 22x24


Just finished this afternoon. Sadly enough, It had taken me all summer long to get through this. I lost my excitement to finish it between kids, trips, and so on...
I sense that there is something that needs work. I'll let it set for awhile and come back to it with fresh eyes. I'm needing a good name for this one. If you can come up with a great title and I select it, I'll send you a free giclee' of it measuring around (12 x 12").


EBSQ "Member's Choice" award

"Lavender Afternoon III" 21x23"

EBSQ.com offers it's members opportunities to enter their online art shows. Last month's Flower of the Month (FOTM) show was a Mediterranean favorite, Lavender. I entered my work "Lavender Afternoon III" which is my third rendition of my favorite piece. "Lavender Afternoon III" was awarded the "Member's Choice" award. See my entry here: EBSQ FOTM Show Sold. Giclee' available

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A Taste of Art Fundraiser

This Oct 27th, I have been invited to show my work in a private fundraiser for the Beaverton Arts Commission. My work will be showing in conjuction with artist Andrew Loomis' work. Attendees will be selected business owners and arts supporters, including our Mayor, Rob Drake. There will also be a separate auction in conjuntion with the art show to support the Beaverton Arts Commission. I'm am pleased I was considered for this opportunity to share with my community and support the BAC.


Portland Open Studios

Every year around mid~Fall, artists in the Portland area open their doors for the public to see just how an artist goes about their craft. View the inner sanctum of what makes an artist just that. This year I will be participating as artist #95 on October 20~21st. My doors will be open from 10am~5pm. I will be demonstrating 20 minute paintings throughout the day, my entire collection of a years work will be on display, as well as samples of work I did as a child.
You may purchase a tour guide for $15.00 by contacting me or go to www.portlandopenstudios.com for more information on the event.


Out of the gates!

It's about time I did this blogging thing! I've been stumbling through it all and I hope to get it up and rolling soon. Will be posting artwork, adventures, and anecdotes of my life as an artist in the Pacific Northwest. Hope you will enjoy this ride as much as I do!