"Beaverton Creek" 12x9

"Beaverton Creek" 12x9 SOLD

The weather was cooperating for a couple of days so a few of us artists in my community ventured out to dust off the winter cobwebs and paint en plein-air again. Boy, was I rusty! I spent a good 20 minutes fumbling with my new easel which takes up valuable painting time. But, before I begin painting, I've gotta eat a snack! Painting makes me hungry! I wonder if it is just me stalling....Looking at this, I can find many adjustments that are needed, but I'm feelin' a bit lazy and just wanted to post it for now. I was glad to get back inside after this 2 hour session. My hands were pretty cold!

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Blogger Melody Lea Lamb said...

Beautiful piece! I really admire plein-air work as I personally get so stuck in the use of reference images.


5/2/08, 10:53 AM  

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