NPS Members' reception

Last Thursday evening the Community Center at Mercer View (on Mercer Island in the Seattle area) hosted the NPS Members' Show. Here I am with my piece "Cafe' Seating". Now, after looking at this photo, I realized that my piece looks kind of small there up on that wall, doesn't it? Anyway, when I arrived I found that my artwork was used in conjunction with two other pieces for the show postcard! I was delighted and surprised to find this out as I pinned on my name tag. The caliber of the work represented was incredible and I feel really grateful my work hung with such successful pastelists. I'm now waiting to find out if my work was selected for the NPS International show. Hoping, hoping...


Blogger pattrsnd said...

Way to go Brenda! It's a wonderful painting!

4/27/08, 1:59 PM  

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