September's Color, 9x12"

September's Color, 9x12" Pastel on sandpaper

This past weekend was incredibly Fall-like! The color in the sky had a warmer, golden glow which affected the color of everything in its' domain. The crisp morning brought forth a warm sunny day in the low 80's, so good enough to go out and plein-air paint! A group of us from the Paint Out Group went to Schlicting's Century Farm in Sherwood, Oregon. The farm, located on a corner intersection off of Roy Rodgers' Road is plump full of produce. Especially tomatoes, which have fallen to the ground in the fields. My easle fitting was missing, so I sat in my chair with my pastel box in my lap. All worked out well with this hour-long piece. I'm pretty happy with it and the colors. This time around, I didn't cover the entire paper with pastel, leaving some of the middle ground color showing through. And I was able to use some of my newly hand rolled, neutral colored pastels. Ummm, Fall!


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