Amato Gallery of Artists Gala Opening

Well, it finally happened! Last night we celebrated a months' worth of hard work preparing for the Gala Opening of Amato's Gallery. We had an incredible turnout of around 100 visitors during the extent of the opening. With that kind of a turnout, we could only expect some great things will be in store for the Gallery. What once housed a gift shop, Amato's now holds some incredible sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and paintings from the Southwest area of Portland. Amato's also is well known for it's unique floral designs and wine selection. It's a "One stop guy shop" for your valentine!

Here's my video roundup of the event with all us artists celebrating the joy of the occasion!

Artists included in the show:

Diane Ahrendt
Linda Baer
Bert Cohen
Sheri Gorman
Christine Helton
Gretha Lindwood
Rosie Long
Joni Mitchell
Beth O'Mahony
Michael Orwick
Christy Perrine
Joe Pogan
Annie Salness
Donna Sanson
John Wisener

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Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

great video--! Amazing how it all comes together. Congratulations....beauuuutiful painting!

2/17/10, 9:50 PM  

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