From Wheat Grows Crimson, 6x6

"From Wheat Grows Crimson" 6x6" Pastel on sanded paper

Earlier this week I went out with my painting buddy Gretha to find color out in North Plains. We began our journey with the intentions of photographing the yellow canola fields (below). We did our share of catching the color with our cameras and decided it was time to find a place to set up shop. So we found a Century Farm in North Plains, with permission to paint, and so we pushed out a 45 min study each. I love working fast and under pressure because it leaves little time to "noodle" a piece to death, leaving it fresh and uninhibited. Ya gotta love that strong complment of red and green .....and purple and yellow...ooooh!

Canola field located just outside of the sleepy town of Banks, OR. Love the purple and yellow compliments in this scene!

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Parking Tree, 6x6

"Parking Tree" 6x6" Pastel on sanded paper

"Parking Tree"....reminds me of the lyrics in Joni Mitchell's song "Big Yellow Taxi"......... They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot...ooooohhhh, park, park, park, park!

A couple of weekends ago, my daughter went skating and while I didn't want to drive all the way back home just to return in a couple of hours, I decided to spend my waiting time painting plein air. So I stayed at Skateworld's "most famous" parking lot and turned on my car radio, set up shop, and painted this little common scene. Just as I was finishing up, my car battery decided to give up and die on me. Next time, Joni, don't forget the iPod!


"Buoy Dance" gets into IAPS 16th Annual show!

"Buoy Dance" 16x12" Pastel on sanded paper Sold

Today I got notice that my piece "Buoy Dance" was accepted into the IAPS 16th Annual Exhibition! I'm more than just thrilled that it's going to the Butler Museum in Youngstown, Ohio, but mostly because I've earned 1 (one) point towards the IAPS Master circle (it takes 5 to get Master Status). The International Association of Pastel Societies "represents pastel societies uniting in a common cause--to demonstrate the validity and quality of fine art in pastel around the world."

So, I've got one small problem...I have to retrieve the painting from the gallery that it hangs in before it sells! I'm thinking (as I write this) that I'll have the gallery owner ship it for me to it's destination. Ooops, I have two problems..... how can I get away from my family for the weekend to attend the awards ceremony? Augh...the dual duty as a mom and artist!

Anyway, I'll figure it out, when there is a will, there is a way!
And if any one is interested, this image is available through Imagekind.


Shallow's End, 12x12

"Shallows End" 12x12" Pastel on sanded paper

Looking back a few entries ago, a painting sat on my easel during a demo. Waiting to be finished, I came back to my studio to finish the smaller details. For me, as I'm sure it goes for many other artists, the final marks are for a more intimate time alone with the piece. I'm loving the square format, as I have been working on that format for nearly a year now. I love how stable and geometric it is with such an organic subject.


Afternoon Pause, 24x24"

This painting is the seventh of the "Variations on a Scene" series, although I think my theme may change as my series grows! Because every painting is a lesson in itself, newer ideas develop and then my work changes direction a tad....so goes art for that matter! I have had a lot of influence from other artists blogs, more notedly Lorian Signori's work and the phenomenal Deborah Paris, as well as a few others. I greatly admire these artists' work and hope that I will someday have the opportunity to meet them in person. I find that surfing the net to view other artist's work is a great way to grow and get inspiration. There is so much out there, where do you start? I often find the best ones on my favorite artists' blogrolls.

On another note, I have finally made a Fan Page on Facebook. You can find it here to sign up, although it is really the same as this blog, but less formal. Commenting is a bit more transparent and lighter in nature on my Fan Page.


"Floating Idle" finds a new home!

After the catastrophe of breaking the expensive piece of glass during delivery of "Floating Idle", it has found a home! About a week of doubtful feelings towards pastels and thoughts of going over to the "other side", I get a call from a patron who has been interested in this piece for some time. "I'm gonna buy it if you still have it" she tells me! "Well, let me share with you a story...." and I go on to tell her about it's falling. So "Floating Idle" has a home, after it gets reframed by a new framer named Bryon Grimes. So the oils still look like an option, but will gradually have to acquire these new supplies as time goes. My love for pastels still endures!


An afternoon at Macadam Design Center

Doing demos of my creative process is a lot of fun! Actually, I should be teaching this stuff more often because the information flows out like a river...

On Saturday I had the opportunity to work at Macadam Floor and Design Center along with Christy Perrine to promote Amato's Gallery of artists. Christy and I pretty much finished our pieces during the 3 hour event. That's including interacting with the visitors who are always curious about "chalk" paintings! Ha! Alas, I am quick to point out that this is soft pastel, a pure pigment, just like the pigment in oil paints but without the oil! So I let them try a pastel on a small sample of the paper that I work on (Wallis). I think being an artist has it's responsibility of educating the public on our craft. The more they understand what we do and how we do it, the more they will appreciate and value our work! Enough said!

So, who wants lessons! :)