Playing Hooky

"Edge of the Levy", 8x6", Pastel on sanded paper

"Sauvie Dike" 8x6, Pastel on sanded paper

Even though the weather has been a bit overcast and I have much to do back in the studio, it's easy to play a little hooky. I can easily blame it on my plein air "high" because the kids are back in school and that gives me full permission to go out and paint ... but just as long as I'm back in time to pick them up from school. I continue to return to my favorite place along with several other artists, and every day the greens have noticeably been turning warmer.

Above is the same scene. The first one I cranked out in a quick 10 minutes on Friday and the one below it was painted today for the bulk of my outing. I turned my tripod a full 180 and painted this quick little one below before dashing home to pick up the kids.

"Treesides" 5x5" Pastel on sanded paper


Anonymous Anonymous said...

excellent work and stamina! i notice you used the word 'paint' for pastels and i have often wondered if we paint or draw in pastels, can you enlighten me? thanks.

9/14/10, 11:14 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Hi Rahina,

Thanks for your great question.
This topic comes up a lot and over the years I have narrowed my idea and decided it a painting, because, after all, it does look like one. If you were to approach a pastel up close and it looks like a drawing and was drawn with pastel pencils, then by all means, you'd say it was a drawing, and so would I!

My work looks more like an oil or acrylic painting than ever a drawing. I use the wide side of my pastels almost always until I get down to the details. As would an oil or acrylic, or even watercolorist would, they'd probably handle the paintbrush like a pencil too. I don't know if there is a line in the sand in this one, but it confuses most at best. I guess it depends on how each and every one of us "sees" a work of art, and that in itself is unique.

So, my question to you is how do you see a "pastel"?

9/15/10, 7:58 AM  
Blogger Susan Roux said...

I don't think its hooky when you're out working. But I can relate to it feeling like playing instead of work. You play hooky very well. Go enjoy it and don't feel guilty for taking time to create...

9/21/10, 4:09 AM  
Blogger Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I love the painting treesides for the delicate 'hinting at detail' marks and my favourite colour combination of lime and turquoise. This is beautiful.

9/21/10, 4:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for your concise answer and i would have to agree with you that the rule of thumb would be how the work is viewed... in your case, definately painting! thanks:)

9/25/10, 11:53 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Hi Susan,
Well, then, hooky it is!
Lisa, love lime and turquoise too! Yummy!
Rahina, it is a question that comes up in conversation all the time! Glad to dialogue with you anytime! :)

9/26/10, 1:28 PM  

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