Recap at Los Gatos Plein Air

"Coffee Break" 10x8" Pastel (Sold)

I remember being told as a young child to "Do what you love and the rest will fall into place". These were not so comforting words to tell an impatient child, but they did stick with me and now they run through my veins.  I love plein air painting, but even more, I love participating in timed events with the added comeraderie of fellow friends painting alongside one another with all the laughs and issues of working out of doors.  Here are a few shots of my work and a few other shots of me in the field.  The one above was my best piece, only after a rough start with oils.  I took the oils to see how I performed in a stressful situation to help me decide whether to bring them to my trip to the Plein Air Easton! event this coming July. It became very apparent when I brought out the pastels that the work just flowed.  Much like seeing an old friend who never changes after a long span of time.

"Los Gatos She Shops" 10x8" Pastel (Sold)

Me painting "She Shops" with the baking sun on my back.

 "Rustic Retreat" 9x12" Oil

On the highway painting "Rustic Retreat"

As I was painting this piece, I was spotted by my old friend (and bridesmaid) Shaheen as she was zipping by in her car in the Almaden area. She whipped around and drove up for a surprise hug. How coincidental. 

"Old Red Barn" 9x12" Oil

There were 6 of us who painted this very scene, each one completely different from the next.

 "Broken Back" 12x16, Pastel

My first pastel of the event and if felt so good to return to my old dusty friends after a rough start with oils.  Confidence returned!

"On the Corner of Main Street" 8x6" Pastel (Sold)

My final piece. Bummed it was so small as I had no other frames available with glass for a pastel.

One of my failed paintings. (look close) from Garrod Stables

The scene as seen from a horse pasture. As the evening approached, the horses are released into this field to run and socialize. Of course, that means there are plenty of horse piles everywhere.  One must be careful where one steps and also where one puts their gear. As I was hustled out of the pasture by the staff, I was very hasty and placed my failed piece on the ground just as a big gust of wind blew hay particles on it and then realized I placed it on a few manures.  It was destined for the trash after that!

The booth set up at the Los Gatos Plein Air 2013

With Ann Blair Brown, Anton Pavlenko, Thomas Kitts, Hai-Ou Hou, (me) Brenda Boylan, Tonya Zenin, and Diane May prior the Gala event. A huge shout out to Ann who took "Artists' Choice" for her piece "Grandpa"

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