When art touches lives, Boy's Night Out, 14x14

"Boy's Night Out" 14x14" Plein air Oil on panel

You never know when your art touches lives. Let me tell you a story that happened a few days ago that I must share.

As I was painting a nocturne with 3 other artists in downtown Hillsboro, several people were walking about after dining out on the town. As pedestrians gathered on the street corner, across from where I was painting, I quickly suggested one of the figures in the scene to bring much needed life to the painting. The pedestrians crossed and stopped to look at our work in progress. I asked the gentleman,  whom I began to sketch into my painting, if he would care to stand just a little longer for me to finish painting him standing on the corner. He was happy to do so, along with his young son, which made the painting come alive.

The following day, I emailed to thank him and he shared a sweet story of this scene.  He writes,

"Thanks for letting us watch you.  Also that's one of our favorite street corners because for years I used to go to Hillsboro Hobbies with my Dad and now it's my son's favorite place to go with me. We always park on that side of the street and would cross over to the hobby shop. When I was little, I remember jumping up and down with anticipation, waiting for the light to change.  Now my son does the exact same thing!  Also, the corner you were painting from is the spot where we watch the forth of July parade.  Thanks for letting me purchase it. It captured a lifetime of memories."

How could you not feel good about bringing such fond memories to life?  When I paint a piece, I sometimes forget to find the meaning behind my subject because I am out just for the process of painting, but then there are other more obvious times when an emotional connection can be made. Those are golden times! It's kind of like fishing for a needle in a haystack. but when your painting can connect emotionally with another, you have touched someone's life...including your own.

How has your work connected with others? Please share.

~ Brenda

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