The BIG re-set . . .


The BIG re-set . . .
Chillaxin'  9x12" oil on linen panel

We're rollin' into March and I'm wondering what is on your mind!  It seems we are over the Covid-19 epidemic and signs of Spring are starting to pop.  Soon we will be warming up to Summer... and then... Fall.  Honestly, I'm doing my best to accept whatever happens this Fall. Now, I want to be a duck and let the stress roll off my back.  No matter how much we all might complain or disagree about "this or that", we still live on the same planet and need to eat, breathe, and sleep.  Perhaps add a bit of "exercise" and the world is just right.  Or, perhaps a little bit of dark chocolate might help too...but I digress.

How do you wash away your stress?  For me, I go to my studio to create art and experiment with ideas.  I have discovered that either a flow or flop day at the easel is still a good day.  Most of the time at the easel is spent standing on my tired feet alongside my palette, applying mixed piles of pigment onto a vertical surface.  Somedays might result in a destroyed idea, while other days birds deliver golden eggs. Even if a piece is nearly finished, it can still take an abrupt direction resulting in a fried mess.  Regardless, every day's a good day when I paint! Sounds familiar?  Y e a h.

Rest brings another day, the sun will continue to rise and set, and we are all on this earth together.  Skip polar opinions and apply the practice of asking and listening to the "why".  Understand one another by listening carefully.  We may never agree with everyone... or anyone for that matter, but we are all orbiting around the same sun together.  Perhaps we all could use 
an interstellar trip ...and we're not too far from that happening either!  What's on your mind?  How do you "re-set"?

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