Sunlit Trail 10x8

"Sunlit Trail" 10x8"

Went out today in beautiful 72 degree weather with my sunhat and easel. I had been here before, remembering the strong compositional lines of the fence and pathway, so I decided today would be the day to paint it! Sometimes, when I'm out in nature, I see things differently~sometimes taking my hands and making a box to view through and judging by the view remembering if it's a place I want to come back to or not. This scene is at the Tadpole pond located at the Tualatin Hills Nature Park in Beaverton. Just outside the hustle and bustle of the city streets is this little bit of paradise, full of wild living creatures. I even saw a snake on the way back to the car. How cool is that!


Peony View 5.5x11

"Peony View" 5.5x11" Pastel

Here is my work in progress. It looks like a view through a window!

In the element...

Another great day out painting en plein-air at a beautiful peony farm in North Plains, OR. We had 15 artists in all, including Gretha (my painting buddie), Bev, Kathy, Patty, Mary, Phyllis, and of course a few others from our Paint Out Group. This time, I decided to paint sitting, and I found it more relaxing than usual. The only disappointment to sitting while painting is that I can't easily stand back to view my work in progress. In the above shot of me, I'm using my new modified Open M Box which I just love! It carries my pastels with absolutely no breakage! I've put memory foam in it, which is the best thing about it! I may post the modifications some time in the future.

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June's First Thursday at Dan Saltzman's office

Dan Jones and artist Brenda Boylan

Mary, Me (Brenda), and Patty

My First Thursday reception at the office of Commissioner Dan Saltzman was a quick and speedy "2 hour" opening! If you are visiting downtown Portland, you can still go in to City Hall and see the work for the rest of the month of June, and is on view during regular business hours. City Hall is a beautiful building and is host to a few other artists located in some of the other city employee's offices as well. A number of friends and art lovers came out to visit me and view my pastel works on sandpaper. Above, are my artist friends Mary and Patty, from the Village Art Gallery critique group, who came out to support me at the show. Thanks ladies! And "Thanks" to the many people who came out to support me! The show will be up until June 30th.

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Upcoming show at Commissioner Dan Saltzman's office

Portland Commissioner Dan Saltzman

Dan Saltzman, the Commissioner of Portland, will be hosting my work for the month of June in his office with a reception on First Thursday, June 5th from 5:00~7:00pm. For those of you in the Portland area, come on out to the reception and meet someone new, view the colorful pastel works on sandpaper, and nibble on some refreshments. Enter into City Hall on SW 4th St. and it's on the 2nd floor in room #230. The artwork is displayed for the entire month so feel free to drop in during regular business hours.