March at Marquess Barn

"March at Marquess Barn", 12x9" Pastel on sanded paper

Spring is definitely here in Oregon. While me and my family spent Spring Break down at our family farm with my folks, we took the liberty to venture around the Willamette Valley and tour various areas we hadn't considered before. Well rested and time together is always great, but being on the farm is even better because it is so very quiet, fresh, and peaceful. I brought my plein air set-up with me and a time opened up at the end of a day for a painting session. My attention is always directed toward the south where the proud Marquess Barn stands. Year after year, it sits there, beautifully. The family is reclusive, not even my Dad knows much about his own neighbors to the south, but he did tell me that he once toured the "castle" that hides just beyond the hills to the right of the barn (not included in this painting). The prior post of my demo from last week seems a bit overworked because it was painted from a photo, but this one is from real life! Loose, easy, clear color!


Blogger Unknown said...

I'm always impressed with the starkness of a cool spring green. Good idea to let a little of the warm earth tone show through new spring shoots. So, what else have you been up to Shorty?

3/30/10, 7:04 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Hey Carrie,
Been busy drumming up business for Amato's, plus managing the kids and finishing up a large piece that needs a good critique. And you? Did your car situation (accident) pan out?

3/30/10, 9:23 PM  

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