Miniature Art Shows

Sauvie Viewpoint, 6x6" Pastel on sanded paper, Randy Higbee Gallery

During the holiday season, many galleries offer miniature works of art at affordable prices for the gift giving season. The Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. is no exception to this idea and is hosting a show of 6x6" works of art this coming Dec.

6" Squared Show
Dec 4th~23rd, 2010
The Randy Higbee Gallery
102 Kalama
Costa Mesa, CA

Now a collector or would-be collector can have the chance to grab a painting from their favorite artist at a reasonable price because of the miniature format and price.

Evening Reflections, 6x6" Pastel on sanded paper, Randy Higbee Gallery

Perhaps a small painting is a study, as are my entries, and are blessed for the larger format. Two of these, Evening Reflections and Satin Slopes, were eventually painted in a larger format that I have posted before. Regardless of the size, the smaller renditions or studies often show an intimate process and thought than the larger ones do. I myself like the studies better albeit their size. There seems to be a freshness about them that a large work of art doesn't. This is because the time involved often dilutes the artist's first intentions and excitement. The challenge of working large...keeping the freshness and excitement in the work is just that, a challenge.

Satin Slopes, 6x6" Pastel on sanded paper

I will also have small works for sale during the holiday season at:

Little Art ~ Big Music
Nov 5~Dec 31st, 2010
210 W. Columbia River Hwy,
Troutdale, Or.

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Understanding Blue

"Understanding Blue" 8x6" Pastel on sanded paper Sold

I had painted this one probably a month ago and am now finally posting it because I didn't do any art this week. Baaad, bad girl, I know! So, in an effort to redeem myself for my lack of creativity I'm sharing this little one with you. Painted at Dawson Creek the same day that Fall Forte' was painted. So let me explain...last week was a busy one preparing for the coming wet months: mounting pastel paper to boards, cleaning out my studio, setting up a newsletter, preparing for a Quick Draw and shopping for the coming T-day meal. To be honest with you, cleaning up a studio is an ongoing task for me, but my studio demands it because of it's size. I'm just thankful that I even have a studio!

And now for a VERY personal note:

This week I mark 40 years as a diabetic.
Oooh, that sounds bad, and rather personal, but actually I am so thankful for what health I have and that it is good given the circumstances. I don't let it get me down (been there before) so a positive attitude and a 'get er done' mantra helps a ton. It was during Thanksgiving break of 1970 that I fell into a coma. I remember as a child being in the hospital with a sickly looking Christmas tree at the end of the hall and the huge insulin needles used back then! Yuck! So, I am deeply reminded that Thanksgiving is a time of gratefulness for what I have. I am reminded by many events over the past years that life is fleeting and to never take it for granted. Thankful, yes, thankful for so much.


Art Walk for Annie

"Dark Clouds Over Color" 8x6" Pastel on sanded paper, Sold

Back in October, the artist community here in Portland and beyond was shocked to learn that our friend Annie Salness suffered a stroke. She is a mother, daughter, friend, leader, and artist. This coming Dec 7th her closest friends and neighbors will be hosting an Art Walk for Annie to help raise funds for her medical expenses. Above is my entry for the fundraiser.

Painted in a one hour challenge between a few of us artists at the Hood River Plein Air event, amongst a flower field full of bright flowers. The clouds were threatening us with possible rain, so the challenge to paint fast was even greater by the oncoming rain than the time we allowed. My tribute to Annie, that even dark clouds won't chase away the artistic spirit!

Retail value of the piece: $350.


Art Walk for Annie

Tuesday, December 7, 6:30-8:30 pm

Sunset Presbyterian Church Lobby

14986 NW Cornell Road (xHwy 26, by Phoenix Inn and Arco Station)

Portland OR 97229

For even more information on how to help or donate, click here.

So please come on out to the event to help support her and her family through this most difficult time as she goes through her grueling therapy and recuperation.


Between Moments, 16x12"

Between Moments, 16x12", Pastel on sanded paper

Yet another piece from my favorite place to paint...yes...it's Sauvie Island...again. Are you sick of it yet? Really, I do need to get out of Portland and paint some other terrain. I've been thinking a lot about this and been pretty itchy to go beyond my local area. So I've been researching some of the west coast plein air events. Sonoma, Laguna (yeah, right, it's an invitational), Los Gatos, Whidby Island, San Luis Obispo (where I went to school) and yes, Hood River. All very good, but as a mom with two kids it gets pretty tricky to balance all that out. Well, I guess Sauvie Island is still a beautiful location. "Between Moments", painted earlier in October on the outer area on SW Sauvie Island Road.

So, I've been surfing the net a ton this week. Sorry empty easel, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And through reading a few blogs of artist's I highly admire, I stumbled upon an online art competition, Canvoo, that seems to attract a number of high profile artists. So, I too, entered into the fray. That's not to say I'm a high profile arteeest yet, but hey, a little self-promo never hurts, huh?

So, here's the scoop. Canvoo is an online art contest where the "like" votes on your Facebook page and online visitors to Canvoo get you to the top for the final judging. As of this post, my entry is near the top, but who's to say that they all came from my Facebook Fan Page, huh? Anyone can vote, anyone can vote on more than one piece. Make your choice here!

Here is my entry on the Canvoo Art Competition, Buoy Dance. We'll see what comes of it.

Buoy Dance, 18x12" Pastel on sanded paper


When Blues Turn to Reds, 12x9

When Blues Turn to Reds, 12x9" Pastel on sanded paper

Us Portlanders have had the luck of the sun these past two days of fall that makes any plein air artist begin to itch. Out and about, the fields in North Plains, Oregon have a few blueberry fields that have turned to vivid reds and burgundies. In the early hours of the morning, this reddish shrubbery is kissed right on top with the first rays of light, giving it a wonderful glow and making the sky pinkish in color. When I stopped to figure out my "scene" and set up, I discovered I forgot my tripod and had to drive all the way back home and retrieve the darned thing! There seems to be a bit of forgetfulness happening lately. So, here is a 'late'morning piece, in all it's fall glory. (note above: the wires from the tele pole don't show well in the photo.)

Here's a shot of the road leading up to the fields. This may have to be a studio piece come this winter.

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