Caught cheatin' again with oils!

"Dahlia Repose" 12x12" Oil

"Old Sellwood" 9x12" Oil
Painted in Craig Srebnik's Street Scenes' workshop

"Slope and Line" 6x8" Oil

"The Gates of ESCO" 12x9" Oil

It's official! I've fallen in love with oil painting all over again! I am wholeheartedly enjoying the challenge of learning as much as I can in what time I have available to devote to my art. My all time favorite is still soft pastel, so if you are wondering if I have abandoned them, the answer is no, I haven't.  There is currently a pastel commission on the easel and many more works to be created in pastel that rest impatiently in my mind. I am finding that working with each medium offers different methods and results, and that my pastel work has definitely influenced my work with oils. I believe this will be reciprocal as I move along in my painting journey.  As for now, I am going to post a few of my more recent pieces that I have created in oils.

Starting on Friday Aug 31st, I will be participating in the Pacific Northwest Plein Air 2012 event in Hood River.  Thirty five juried artists will be painting the region over the course of 4 days.  Non-stop painting in this great location is one of my favorite events of the year.  Come join us at the reception this Sept 7th at the Columbia Arts Center in Hood River at 5pm.  Hope to see you there....

So I'll see you next week at the same bat time, same bat channel for another round of artwork.

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Pastel workshop date set

Yup, I'm at it again
I'm offering another Pastel Punch 3-day workshop

Here are the details....

Pastel Punch! Workshop
Seqouia Gallery
Hillsboro, OR.
Feb 8~10, 2013
9:00~4:00 pm

Enthusiastic instructor, Brenda Boylan is offering another opportunity to learn the secrets of this intensely expressive and colorful medium in an artistic environment. This 3 day workshop will be held in the beautiful Sowa Studios in the North Portland area. Designed for all artistic levels who want to learn what it takes to make knock-out pastel paintings. Drawing skills are strongly recommended and photo references as well as still life sets will be used for some of your work. Students can expect to work a variety of exercises stressing the unique qualities of pastel while concentrating on composition, value, and color theory as well as pastel safety, framing and much more. Students will stretch their creativity with the given exercises and are not expected to complete a finished work in class. If the weather allows, we may elect to paint outdoors for the final day.

Supply list and registration here: http://brendaboylan.com/workshops

Class tuition: $300. $50 deposit to secure spot
Class limited to 10 students only/6 minimum Contact Brenda at makinart @ frontier. com

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Oregon Public Broadcasting & The Oregon Plein Air Invitational 2102

Here is John Kin's OPB slide show and audio take on the Oregon PA Invitational from this past weekend. I don't know how I get into these situations, but I am always happy to share my painting enthusiasm.  Enjoy!


Painters Take To the Streets in ‘Plein Air Paint Out’

OPB | Aug. 10, 2012 midnight | Updated: Aug. 20, 2012 12:17 p.m.

Arts & Life: Portland Art Museum’s Plein Air Paint Out

Artists Thomas Kitts, Sandy Roumagoux and Brenda Boylan on the art of painting outdoors.
If you happened to be wandering through Portland's Park Blocks last Saturday, you may have noticed an unusual concentration of painters scattered amongst the trees and benches.
This wasn't your usual weekend workshop or painting club. These were some of the Northwest's best landscape artists, participating in thePortland Art Museum's first Plein Air Paint Out, a celebration of the art of painting outdoors.
The artists arrived early Saturday morning and worked throughout the day to capture the scene — and the ever-changing light, colors and shadows — on canvas. Visitors and passersby were encouraged to watch and interact with the painters as they worked. The event culminated on Sunday with an exhibit of the finished works which were also available for purchase.

Go See It

California Impressions exhibit at the Portland Art Museum
  • Through September 9, 2012
  • 1219 SW Park Avenue, Portland
Outdoor painting events and contests have become common around the country and other parts of Oregon in recent years, but this was the first event of its kind in Portland. The event was conceived as a companion to two of the Museum's exhibitions,California Impressionism and 5 Monet /100 Days, both of which showcase the tradition of plein air painting.  
Portland Art Museum Director Brian Ferriso says the museum hoped the Paint Out would provide a modern complement to the exhibits and help engage the public and local artists in the celebration of the art form. "We felt it was important to continue that tradition and see what's happening in the contemporary world," says Ferriso. "It's really exciting for me to see the public engage with these artists and for the artists to be able to show their craft."

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Oregon Invitational 2012 recap

The Portland Art Museum's Oregon Invitational was so much fun, but a HOT weekend no doubt! 35+ artists painted in 90 degree weather, but the heat didn't matter because of all the artist fellowship. I arrived early to scout out spots to paint and found this parking lot with wonderful color and compositional patterns.  I quickly laid in the darks and lights first so I wouldn't have to chase them as the shadows really moooove fast.  This shot is taken with side-lighting to show the texture of the painting.
"Pay Here" 8x10" Oil ©Brenda Boylan

Even better in a frame!

My second piece of the day, looking north on SW Park. By this time, the crowd was thickening and conversations were plenty.  Many were very curious why there were so many artists painting in the park and so it gave all of us a reason to discuss the Portland Art Museum's current show of the California Impressionists.  Thanks to all the many friends who stopped by to visit with me and to see work being created alla prima. Interestingly, while I was painting this one,  I was being interviewed by OPB for the event and had noticed that I was able to talk and paint without missing a beat. A huge feat for most no doubt. My secret? Juggling. For the past month I have been working with my son in a therapy program for those who struggle with ADHD that was designed to strengthen the left-right brain connection.  We practice "juggling while talking and walking" with two bean bags by counting out numbers and alphabet forward and backwards.  Believe me, it is very difficult. I train with him daily and I think it's rubbing off.
"SW Park" 10x8" Oil ©Brenda Boylan

My final piece of the day and by now it's baking hot. Notice how lose this one is compared to the other two?  Perhaps I should paint tired more often, eh?
"Parked" 6x6  Oil ©Brenda Boylan

Then the next morning, I got all my pieces framed and bundled them up and went back out and painted some more. Before I set up, I ran into fellow artists Mike Rangner and Eric Jacobsen, who are known to share a chuckle.
Some "baffoonery" with friends Mike Rangner and Eric Jacobsen

Goofing off with the guys, I was dared to pose with a stinker stogie. HA!

My little study for a last minute entry.  I think I put about an hour in this one and perhaps it could use some more work, but it was a fun one to paint. I was able to frame it just in time to hang in the show.
"Alla Prima Roses" 8x6" Oil ©Brenda Boylan

Hanging in the baking sun with artists Anton Pavlenko and Micheal Orwick.

The Portland Art Museum's courtyard of plein air.

After all was said and done, I think it was a very successful event and show. Many onlookers commented that they have never seen anything like it before and truely enjoyed seeing the art in the making. I think there is a true hunger here in Portland to see this type of event and do hope that the PAM considers the event annually.

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