Willamette Wetlands + Sundown at Youngberg, 24x36

"Willamette Wetlands" 24x36" Oil (studio)

 "Tualatin Wetlands" 8x10" Oil (Plein Air)

I'm getting really excited and working like a mad and crazy artist preparing for a group show with 3 other Northwest Plein Air Artists Don Bishop, Michael Orwick and Romona Youngquist in a show called Plein Air Showcase at Art Element Gallery this coming August 29th. We all pitched in for two ads placed in Southwest Art and American Art Collector Magazines and really pushing for a huge turnout. To date, we have confirmation from several sources that this will be a BIG opening!  I can't wait!
Southwest Art went a step further and published a small article on our upcoming show in their Aug 2013 issue HERE.
Here is our ad (designed by Don Bishop)

Anyway, enough with the shameless self/group promotion, I want to tell you about this new work that will be in the show! I finished these two large pieces and worked with oils on a scale that I am not usually known for. It was a lot of fun and loved working out on the back patio with my umbrella, easel, and make-shift palette. Except for the occasional pine needle dropping on my work, it was lovely just having everything at my fingertips in an outdoor setting.  A nice mix of both plein air and studio at its best.

The references for the larger pieces originated from plein air works (in both pastel and oil) that I created last year that I deemed successful and wanted to create them on a larger scale for this show. Usually up sizing from a smaller plein air piece doesn't translate well, but I think this time I was successful with the final work.  As with plein air work it has a fresh, immediate feel to it as with any plein air piece should. Compared to the larger studio work, they are more timely, calm, and softer. Can you tell?
"Sundown at Youngberg" 24x36" Oil  (Studio)

"Challenging Sundown" 10x8" Pastel Sold  (Plein Air)

Anyway, I do hope that if you are in the area to come on out to the opening on August 29th, or at least stop by the gallery for a lookie-loo up until September 21st. You may even decide to take a detour to one of the many wineries and taste a flight while watching the sun set across the vines.  Ahh, Oregon at it's best!

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Blogger weidox said...

The plein air version of wetlands looks much better for me. It's lively. The studio version is more detailed (especially the mountains far away), but comparably it is bland. Like lacking some punch.. The plein air foreground is catching eye strongly and then vision goes to the dark shadow in water and then around for what's left. In studio there is nothing which would attract my vision.

1/15/19, 4:21 AM  

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