My First ImageKind sale!

"North Plains Lavender"

Wow! This afternoon, I logged onto my ImageKind account and found that a sale had been made to an anonymous purchaser! I'm thrilled that something moved from my online gallery! Wooo hooo! Although it isn't enough to go out and buy everyone a latte', it will at least validate my account! ImageKind offers a ton of work and will also offer framing that you can preview before purchasing. It's really neat! I wish I could thank the customer, but it was anonymous so that doesn't help me, but just the same I'm thrilled! Oh, the image above is what was purchased as a giclee'.


Chris Bolmeier said...

Guess what? I just had my first purchase on Imagekind today as well! What a coincidence as we just met today. I'll toast to our continued success in 2008.
Paint On!
Chris Bolmeier

EK said...


B Boylan said...

Yeah! You gotta love it!