"Pears 3" 6x6

"Pears 3" 6x6 SOLD

I'm wanting to get back to my color studies again that I first started back in December of '07 and here it is almost May! So, here is a broken color study I did tonight with steps. I really used some fun colors in this piece and tried to capture the freshness of the image. Oh, the original image was taken from the Reference Image Library on Wetcanvas.

I decided to paint a blue underpainting this time around simply because the reference image has a cool tint to it which I originally was attracted to. Here, I have done a light sketch with a dark pink pastel pencil.

This is what I call the "ugly stage" of the piece. I'm blocking in the values to define the shapes. This includes the background too.

At this stage I'm giving the pears their shape by shading in their girth and also beginning to give them the color they really need. Lookin' good so far from here...

And now for a punch of bold color to give it the excitement it needs...because pears can be boring. I also finished up with a few details of pear spots. Details, details.

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Orphan Works Bill

This was posted (with permission by David) by my artist friends David Patterson and Paula Ford, so the word is getting out...read on!

This will strip every right to everything we create (PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE WORKS)! We will each have to spend thousands of dollars to register every piece we create in registries that have NOT BEEN CREATED YET, whether it be a sketch, a painting, a doodle, a sculpture, photographs, pottery, glass work, clothing designs, craft work, architectural designs, EVERYTHING!! The government leaves it up to us to create these so-called registries. What is even more of a burden is the time and effort to photograph everything you want protected for these registries!! That means less time to create, and more time protecting the rights to your creations.

ANYONE will have the right to STEAL every piece of our work and it will be up to each of us to research whether there are any infringements!! That means it is our responsibility to search database after database to see if people are stealing our work. Then, if we find people stealing our work, we will have to hire attorneys to go after them and prove it is OUR WORK. Now, that means we would have to spend countless hours, day in and day out, to figure out if others are stealing our work!!!

At this time, the bill does not have a number, so you can't write to your congressmen. They will not listen to anything without a number to refer to.

The only thing you can do is sign up to receive emails keeping you up to date about this issue and then when the bill number comes out, you can fax and call and write your congressmen to STOP this bill.

To get emails to be kept in the loop on this issue, click here and add your email address. http://www.illustratorspartnership.org/

If you have an hour, listen to this interview. It will tell you everything that is happening about this issue. http://www.sellyourtvconceptnow.com/orphan.html


Yes...I'm "screaming" this message, it's too important to sit back and assume others will fight this possible injustice for you.


"Beaverton Creek" 12x9

"Beaverton Creek" 12x9 SOLD

The weather was cooperating for a couple of days so a few of us artists in my community ventured out to dust off the winter cobwebs and paint en plein-air again. Boy, was I rusty! I spent a good 20 minutes fumbling with my new easel which takes up valuable painting time. But, before I begin painting, I've gotta eat a snack! Painting makes me hungry! I wonder if it is just me stalling....Looking at this, I can find many adjustments that are needed, but I'm feelin' a bit lazy and just wanted to post it for now. I was glad to get back inside after this 2 hour session. My hands were pretty cold!

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NPS Members' reception

Last Thursday evening the Community Center at Mercer View (on Mercer Island in the Seattle area) hosted the NPS Members' Show. Here I am with my piece "Cafe' Seating". Now, after looking at this photo, I realized that my piece looks kind of small there up on that wall, doesn't it? Anyway, when I arrived I found that my artwork was used in conjunction with two other pieces for the show postcard! I was delighted and surprised to find this out as I pinned on my name tag. The caliber of the work represented was incredible and I feel really grateful my work hung with such successful pastelists. I'm now waiting to find out if my work was selected for the NPS International show. Hoping, hoping...


"Boats With Ropes" 18x12

"Boats With Ropes" 16x12"

I just finished this piece today! Well at least till I take a long look at it and find something more to fix! I'd like to enter this one in the NPS Open International along with "Buoy Dance" with hopes they both get in. This painting may look familiar from prior posts, that's because it is a larger format of the "Boats and Ropes" that I posted earlier...below. As with most of my posts, I have included the steps that I took to get to this point. Here they are....

First, I start out with a "blaring" orange underpainting of Orange Createx paint (pure water-based pigment). I used orange because it is the compliment to blue and this painting will be a predominately blue and purple piece. I lightly sketched my image with a blue pastel pencil.

Then I "block-in" my basic colors. Most of the orange will be covered when I'm done, but specks of it peek through the pastel, giving it a unified look. I try not to paint any details yet at this point...hard to do.. indeedy-do.

Here, I'm beginning to work on the water. At this stage, I have used some yellows and blues and am beginning to define the cloud formations in the water. This seems to be a tricky thing to paint. I am often undecided on how I want the water to look like. Do I want it wavy, dark, with or without clouds? Lots of questions....it eventually evolves later. I have also begun some detailing in the boat on the right, and the feeling of light in the distant hillside. I begin to add detail in the dock woodwork but, because it in the foreground, I should keep this detail at a minimum. I'm checking and re-checking my values throughout the process.

Now, my painting sessions get longer, quieter, as I begin to breathe life into the piece. Attention to detail and constant evaluation of the water is what I am focusing on at this point. Asking myself about the values of the colors, is it pulling together? Quietly thinking, "What do I want to communicate?" This is my favorite part of the piece because I can see it coming along....almost done....

Ropes, ropes and more ropes! Here, to make the rope reflections (and the big yellow rope), I have taken the side of my pastel and just lightly dragged it down the surface of the painting, sometimes intentionally wiggling it, sometimes not even making a mark to give the water a wet look. This is my favorite part to do. It's like putting the "highlight" in the portriat of a childs' eyes! I might want to check the reflections for accuracy, but for now, I'm done!
Giclee' print available through Imagekind

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