Estuary at Dusk, 24x24

"Estuary at Dusk" 24x24" Pastel on sanded paper

Well, I wasn't so confident on posting "Estuary at Dusk", so I put it back up onto the easel and made some adjustments. The lower band of orange is gone...well, it's lightened up a bit. I took a foam brush and brushed off the offending orange/red. Then I applied a yellow and then a peach in the exposed area. Next, I scumbled some hot pink over the yellow/peachy horizon and stepped back to take the adjustments in. So, I'm generally pleased with how it came out. There are still a few minor touch-ups I'm going to address before I call it done and then I'll pull it off the easel. But for now, here it is!

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Color Field, 27x27

"Color Field", 27x27" Pastel on sanded board

During this Christmas break of '08 I've had plenty of time to work on a few large pieces that I've been wanting to paint for some time now. The previous post, "Estuary at Dusk" is supposed to be finished, but I still feel that there is something amiss with it. I can feel it--and have set it aside for awhile and will return to it soon....so I guess that means it's really not finished at all!

This new one, is like one of the studies I previously posted back in October. "Color Field" is a scene from my Grandparents farm, looking South. This view reminds me of summer visits to the farm catching grasshoppers, swinging on the hammock, playing in the bales of hay, and setting time away to just think. Knowing me, I'll probably revisit this particular painting before getting it recorded and framed. Once I decide it's finished, it has a special place above my hearth in the family room!
The series of steps are posted below...

First I begin with some sort of color wash. Intense red-orange and some basic blocking-in of color will hopefully give this piece a warm July feeling. This time around I created my own sanded board by mixing Golden Acrylic Ground for Pastels with pure red and orange pigment by Createx. Painted on with a fat brush, and left to dry. The sanded ground has the color wash already established within the grit. Hopefully, this will give it an overall warm feeling.

Establishing shape and values.

Developing the clouds and row of trees.

Shaping the clouds with color, adding some touches of the distant field through the tree-line.

Quieting down now, adding the finishing touches. I guess I'm done!

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Estuary at Dusk, 24x24

"Estuary at Dusk" 24x24" Pastel on sanded paper

I've been hesitant to post this one painting for some time now. It's been sitting in my studio since my Open Studio back in October. This is a different direction from my usual waterscapes, adding a sunset and trees. And the clouds...boy are clouds difficult to paint! During Open Studio I had it near completion and on display with a "title" suggestion box so that my visitors could help with a title. Well, here it is, and I'm still not so sure on it being finished but I'm just going to jump in and post it anyway! However, I am sure of the title that was selected from an entry by K.C. Rumble. There were some very good suggestions, but this one seems to fit. As promised, the visitor [K.C. Rumble] who submitted the winning title will receive a fine 12x12" Giclee' reproduction of this piece. So, thanks K.C. for such a great title!

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Rusted River Bank (study), 6x6

"Rusted River Bank"  6x6, Pastel on sanded paper

Color reflected in waterways, rivers, ponds, or most shiny surface has always attracted my interest.  Maybe due to it's mysterious ability to hold and keep the color, even though water is a transparent element.  It behaves like a mirror when calm and still.  Here is another rendition of a waterway, similar "By Way of Water" in composition and subject yet it is from another location in the Oregon area.  Available through PayPal, unframed $75.00 (free shipping to continental US).

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Of Color & Field (study), 6x6

"Of Color & Field" 6x6 Pastel on sanded paper SOLD

This little study is one of my favorites painted over the course of my Open Studio this past October. With the weather going south, it's a wonderful reminder of the warmer temps of August and the heavy frangrance of lavender. Oh, how I long for the summer months! A plein-air trip to the Mountandale area within the Portland, Oregon region, my painting buddy Gretha Lindwood and I go here for our more serious work. The woman with the parasol was delighted to do a few poses for us as reference to future work. Here she is, amongst the summer colors. Available through PayPal, unframed $75.00 (free shipping only to continental US)

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Kingstad Center Group Show



Opening Reception, Thursday, 1/15/09, 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Catered by Kingstad Catering; no-host bar
The Kingstad Gallery, 15450 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton, Oregon 97006
Music by ‘Sky In The Road’

This exciting exhibit spans media from photography to bronze sculpture, printmaking to painting, to blown glass and mosaic, with subject matter ranging from political protest and overcoming the hardships of war and poverty, to the solace of the world’s great religions and the joys of home and hearth.

Featured Guest Artists: Jacquelyn Bond, Brenda Boylan, Celeste Bergin, Scott Gellatly, and Michael Orwick.

Exhibiting with them are distinguished regional photographers Adam Bacher, David Burbach and a group photography exhibit by Foto Kids of Guatemala, who are joined by bronze and stone sculptors Don Griffith, Lawrence Rajotte, Joni Mitchell, and glass artist Kyle Kraiter.
Regional painters, printmakers, and mixed media artists Melody Cleary, Blaine Johnson, Eileen Kane, Eileen Nolan Kressel, Pattie Palmer-Baker, Carolyn Rondthaler, Alan Rose, Allen Schmetzler, Jo Siddens, Ruth Lambert Smith, Lynne Taylor, and Samyak Yamauchi round out this extraordinary and thought-provoking exhibit.

ArtPeace:PeaceArt runs through 3/07/09

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Morning Mist (study), 6x6

Morning Mist, 6x6" Pastel

With the weather getting cooler and time outside to plein-air paint limited, I gravitate towards photo resources. This image was taken from the Wetcanvas RIL (Reference Image Library) where there is a wealth of ideas to work from. All are copyright free images posted by artists for artists. I'm so glad to have this resource because at times I would prefer to paint something new. Here is a new small painting from the RIL,"Morning Mist" that feels so wintery and cool. Unframed for $75.00. Free shipping to anywhere in the continental US.


Self Portrait 16x12

Well, now that you know a little about myself from the Tag post below, I thought I'd post a self portrait I've been working on so you can see the outside of me....my shell. Actually, this is a project started by the Portland Plein Air & Studio Painters for the cooler months. Just to keep us working, the group decides on a project and then we have a group show. Here is my attempt for tonight. Painted ala Kitty Wallis style after attending a portrait demonstration by Kitty last month. I'm showing the stages of this piece. A bit too colorful for you? A bit too serious for you? I hope not! Painted from a mirror placed beside my easel. This is how I look when I am concentrating on my work.

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