Color Study #6 6x6

Color Study #6

Well, after posting Color Study #5, I wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome of the split complimentary study, even though I really like the painting. So instead of moving forward with the Triadic study that I had intended, I attempted another Split-Complimentary study. This time I used the colors blue-green, red, and orange. This really works for me! And the color just POPS! I'm also including the process of how I did this study, with all the steps below. I used an under-painting of each particular color's compliment. Sound confusing? Yup, it is. But I am sure happy with this one definitely! Oh, and the reference photo that I painted this from comes from the image library on Wetcanvas by Fagan, called "Blue Plate Special"

First, I painted an underpainting of each color's compliment.....

then I began adding red for the table and establishing a bit of the blue-green plate.

adding highlights and shadows....

filling in the fruit with shades of oranges...

Finished painting!


Cindy said...

Hi Brenda, I've just recently seen your work on the Pastel Forum at WC. I hang out in the Fiber Arts, and sometimes in the Miniature and CPencil Forum.

Thanks so much for showing your process. I sometimes underpaint with acrylic for applying colored pencil. Is this an acrylic underpainting?

I just love your work and will be watching to see what you are up to.


B Boylan said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the comments....sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this stuff! Ha!

I use an under painting of Createx paint. It is waterbased and is used for airbrushing. I use it full strength sometimes for intense color. Try it out!