Color Study #7 6x6"

Color Study # 7

This next color study is a Triadic color scheme that is based on three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. I chose orange, purple and green simply because I love purple! The source photo is again from Wetcanvas' reference library from contributer "lisilk". I began with a complimentary underpainting of Createx pigment paint, and then applied the much confusing color story. It looks like a mess in the beginning stages, but soon evolves! I used a broken color application, letting the underpainting show through a bit, although I did lay it on a bit thick on the orange! I has a lot of texture only because I love this broken color method! I could smooth it out to make it more realistic, but I think that would ruin the bold color play.

The underpainting looks a bit crazy along with the sketch underneath. I mistakenly painted purple for the background underpainting when I should have used yellow! Ooops! Anyway, I put the purple pastel down first to hide my mistake.

Then I applied the darkest values and a few of the oranges. This is the "ugly" stage of the painting.

I continued to work on the orange. I began to add the greens to help bring it together along with using a lighter, brighter purple in the branches.

I continued to work on the greens, and on the orange peel.

Here is the finished image, again for comparison.


Kim Denise said...

I've loved watching you go through the various color exercises...now I want to buy the book! I'm really excited by your use of broken color. thanks for a great blog!

EK said...

wow!that is absolutely wonderful!wish i could paint like that:-( whenever i try to paint it ends up in some sort of a mess:-D

you, keep up the good work!

David Patterson said...

I love the loose look of this study Brenda...very nice!

2sweetnsaxy said...

This is beautiful! I wish I had some place to put it in my house. :-( I would go for this one. Actually, I think all of your work is beautiful.