Time lapse movie: The Rio on Soquel, 20x16 and thoughts for the New Year

"The Rio on Soquel" 20x16"

As 2010 comes to an end, our common thoughts scan over the past 12 months as well as the anticipation for what is in store for each of us. It's been a wild year for many and my hopes go out to each and every one of you for a good year to come. I am grateful for friends and family, to all those who take the time to visit this blog, my galleries, painting buddies, and collectors over this past year. You rock my world! Raise a glass of bubbly for a new year to come!

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Rio on Soquel, 20x16

Rio on Soquel, 20x16", Pastel on sanded paper © 2010 Brenda Boylan

I'm still painting like mad in the studio in preparation for the Caswell Gallery "Cityscape" show for February. I have 2 more to go, so here is the 4th in my themed series. The reference photo was taken from an emergency trip to the Bay Area last year in July. It was a horrible time for my family because we had a sudden death. This is my family taking a much needed breather of a walk in Santa Cruz to the beach by way of The Rio Theatre. I have always loved that retro look of oceanliners and diners and I was so taken by the shape of the neon sign that I had to record this moment in time or forever miss it. I have wanted to paint this scene since I took this shot and now I have good reason to put pastel to paper. All the while painting, I was reminiscing about the warm summer glow of the late evening light and the sadness and confusion my family was going through. A time-lapse video of this piece will soon follow.

An added note: The marquis originally had another performing artist in lights but because I didn't have a personal connection with that artist and promote whomever it was, I decided to put the title of a new book my daughter wrote and recently published through Lulu.com: The Hidden Temple.

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Time lapse movie: West On Canyon, 20x16

West on Canyon, 20x16" Pastel on sanded paper

Here is a really fast video of my recent painting "West On Canyon". Every time I watch this, I think what others may suspect that I drank too much Monster, Rockstar, or Red Bull drink. Nope, not ever will I try one. I like my own generated energy that comes from eating well and getting enough rest, thankyouverymuch! Enjoy!

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West On Canyon, 20x16"

West On Canyon, 20x16" Pastel on sanded paper. ©2010 Brenda Boylan

Been painting like crazy this past week, producing two pieces with a video to accompany my work. The studio has seen more activity than usual and it's because I have a few pieces to complete for a show coming up in February that I didn't know I was in. How can that be? I blame it on lost/misplaced emails. Like last week's post I value my iMac, but it's a two way street with my computer and me...a love/hate relationship. Or is it operator error? Seems that's the way things have been going with my technology lately. Anyway, here is a piece from a shot I took on the way home this past fall, driving in my car and photographing as I drive...hmmm sounds a bit risky-like behavior. Video to follow.

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Time lapse movie: Season's Between, 20x16

Making a time-lapse movies is really a cinch, that is, once you've bumbled through all the errors and computer jargon! This is my third video I've created and I think I've got the hang of it. One special tool I use to create these art marketing pieces is my iMac. My iMac does so much for me as an artist that it's indispensable! If there ever were a fire in my studio, it would be my iMac (or it's backup hard drive) that I'd rescue first! Anyway, I use iMovie to create these time lapsed films and it really is not that hard to figure out. And it's so much fun to see the artwork come together...the painting process and corrections along the way. Oh, and I forgot, you have to have a video camera too...yes, that would help too. Enjoy!

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Season's Between, 20x16

Season's Between, 20x16" Pastel on sanded paper ©2010 Brenda Boylan

Inspired by a plein air piece I did a while back, this scene may look familiar to all my frequent bloggy visitors. The colors in the initial plein air painting were so inviting and I thought the composition was challenging yet dynamic. This is possibly due to the strong diagonal movement (triangle composition). The tele-wires, water, road, and horizon all lead to the right, but the abrupt and solid vertical tree helps to stop this movement and redirects the eyes up to the sky and around again. I took my time creating this one, often reworking the wires/cloud interaction. Accuracy is something I have strived to avoid, leaving the eye to finish the piece, yet I had to fuss a bit on this one.

This week's Artwalk for Annie and the Randy Higbee 6" Squared had me busy online and off. Both events were very successful. If you have not met Randy Higbee online, you are in for a treat. All I can say is he is very innovative and generous framing/gallery business owner. 'Nuff said!


Caswell Gallery, Quick Draw

"Lavender Pickers", 9x12" Pastel on sanded paper, Sold

Last night was the Caswell Gallery Quick Draw event in Troutdale, OR. The participating artists Michael Orwick, Pam Flanders, Mary Lou Epperson, Rip Caswell, and Eileen Holzman and myself had 1 1/2 hours to complete a piece as the patrons placed their silent bids and nibbled on goodies and sipped wine. It was a very festive event decked with holiday trimmings and live classical guitar music. When our painting time was up we ran back to Rip's studio to frame them, then bring our framed work out for the conclusion of the silent auction. Of course you can imagine that the oilies had a framing advantage over any pastel, but I must let you know that it only took me a sheer 7 min to frame it all up! I had staged the frame with all it's pieces ready for the final art, and in a jiffy was ready for the bidding war to begin!

Right from the studio with Gallery Director, Kathy Toynbee.

I was sure pleased with the final piece, and later found out it took the highest bid from the show! Now some of you may recognize this painted scene from a prior post because I have painted it a few times over....but let me tell you, it gets better every time. With a pastel in my right and a glass of red in my left, it was plenty fun!

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