Listing Last Chance with DPW!

"Prelude to Spring" 10x8" Pastel
Opening bid $50

About 5 months ago I signed up with Daily Paint Works to sell artworks not relegated for my galleries.  The fifteen or so pieces listed were either just to small to frame, studies for larger pieces, or they didn't fit the gallery's market. Beautiful works that have no home yet.  I had a great start with the site, but have now decided to discontinue my subscription because of my time and availability to list new pieces  (this means less time on the computer and more time to paint).  Please take advantage of the deals here folks, cuz they won't be available at such cut prices as of July 1st.

Over and out!


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When the tide changes, Best of Show news

"West on Canyon" 20x16", Pastel

While I was painting out in a horse pasture trying to resolve a failing piece, (well, I was more like struggling and in a "painting funk") during the start of the LGPA, my dear husband called to tell me that my piece "West on Canyon" won Best of Show at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts Chronicle Exhibit. Woah! He also shared with me that the city purchased it and will now be part of the city's permanent collection. Wow! What a pick me up!  I welled up with relief and nearly sobbed with Joe as I was having a real reckless start to this painting competition. Being that I was down in California, Joe graciously accepted the award on my behalf at last Friday night's award ceremony. To bring humor to the call I asked Joe if he would wear a blonde wig so he could stand in for me, but my reserved husband refused. Well, if this big news didn't lift my spirits, then what would? From that point on my painting miraculously switched to more confident work and it was much easier to concentrate in this competition setting...and because of the switch in my work, it also became quite evident to me that the emotions of an artist are conveyed into art and cannot be separated.  So thankful for the good news, but why do we have such roller coaster ways?  Ugh!

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Recap at Los Gatos Plein Air

"Coffee Break" 10x8" Pastel (Sold)

I remember being told as a young child to "Do what you love and the rest will fall into place". These were not so comforting words to tell an impatient child, but they did stick with me and now they run through my veins.  I love plein air painting, but even more, I love participating in timed events with the added comeraderie of fellow friends painting alongside one another with all the laughs and issues of working out of doors.  Here are a few shots of my work and a few other shots of me in the field.  The one above was my best piece, only after a rough start with oils.  I took the oils to see how I performed in a stressful situation to help me decide whether to bring them to my trip to the Plein Air Easton! event this coming July. It became very apparent when I brought out the pastels that the work just flowed.  Much like seeing an old friend who never changes after a long span of time.

"Los Gatos She Shops" 10x8" Pastel (Sold)

Me painting "She Shops" with the baking sun on my back.

 "Rustic Retreat" 9x12" Oil

On the highway painting "Rustic Retreat"

As I was painting this piece, I was spotted by my old friend (and bridesmaid) Shaheen as she was zipping by in her car in the Almaden area. She whipped around and drove up for a surprise hug. How coincidental. 

"Old Red Barn" 9x12" Oil

There were 6 of us who painted this very scene, each one completely different from the next.

 "Broken Back" 12x16, Pastel

My first pastel of the event and if felt so good to return to my old dusty friends after a rough start with oils.  Confidence returned!

"On the Corner of Main Street" 8x6" Pastel (Sold)

My final piece. Bummed it was so small as I had no other frames available with glass for a pastel.

One of my failed paintings. (look close) from Garrod Stables

The scene as seen from a horse pasture. As the evening approached, the horses are released into this field to run and socialize. Of course, that means there are plenty of horse piles everywhere.  One must be careful where one steps and also where one puts their gear. As I was hustled out of the pasture by the staff, I was very hasty and placed my failed piece on the ground just as a big gust of wind blew hay particles on it and then realized I placed it on a few manures.  It was destined for the trash after that!

The booth set up at the Los Gatos Plein Air 2013

With Ann Blair Brown, Anton Pavlenko, Thomas Kitts, Hai-Ou Hou, (me) Brenda Boylan, Tonya Zenin, and Diane May prior the Gala event. A huge shout out to Ann who took "Artists' Choice" for her piece "Grandpa"

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Fieldways, 10x8

 "Fieldways" 10x8" Pastel
Offered on DailyPaintworks HERE

I now am offering small works on Daily Paintworks.
(non gallery small studies and workshop demo pieces)

After a long conversation with a fellow artist about his success with Daily Paintworks, I finally decided to list my small studies and demonstration pieces in both pastel and oil.  Like many artists, I have oodles of small works that I need to move and this will provide a way to distribute to large online audience. I am finding it provides a great resource for my first time art collectors to find inexpensive works not usually offered in my galleries.  "Fieldways" is one of the many I have offered up for auction, starting at a ridiculously low $50. New pieces are added periodically, so stop on by and take a peek HERE.

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Old Warrior, 8x10 and more...

Old Warrior, 8x10" Pastel

Me in Monterey on the pier painting "Old Warror" with 
Thomas J. Kitts and Hai-Ou Hou (not shown)

So much time has passed since my return from the Plein Air Convention in April. Loads of super good things are brewing here in the studio as well as with my family. Juggling more bowling balls this past May and I can feel the pressure building into June and beyond. I am loving my productive life, the joys of being an artist are plentiful and I am ever so grateful for each day.

On the home front, my daughter of 18 is going to graduate from High school this Saturday and I am proud to say she has earned herself a substantial amount of scholarship money to Pacific University.  Can you say happy parents? Yup. The only thing that still needs to happen is for her to get her drivers license. I can't figure out why kids these days aren't hungry to drive?

In the studio, I have been finalizing contracts for 4 events. This means paperwork and organization are first over painting.  One in particular is the Umpqua Plein Air  event in September and I am pleased and honored to be this year's juror.  Held in Roseburg, OR, a painter's paradise, this show is well organized and supported by many volunteers. If you would like to try your hand at plein air or have never participated in a plein air event, then let me encourage you to consider this one as it is not juried, and you will have a great time painting along with many talented artists.

Another event that I am really "stoked" about is a Plein Air group show in August/September with Northwest artists Michael Orwick, Don Bishop and Ramona Youngquist and myself at ART Elements Gallery.  We have been busy securing advertising as well as an article in the popular art magazine Southwest Art, as well as planning outings to paint for this show. There will be vineyard painting demos and a few other great ideas that are still in the works.

I am also preparing for 3 workshops:

1-day workshop on Painting Water, Sunday June 30th
Click HERE for info

3-day Pastel Inside & Out workshop, Sept 21-23
Click HERE for info

3- day Pastel Punch! workshop, March 21-23, 2014
Click HERE for info
(info may not be posted yet as this contract was just signed)

There is so much more to share but it's getting late and I'm tired eyed. I hope to post more as I go along, even if it's just three words. Over and out.

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