End of a Great Month!

Me with patron Yvonne Webber with her new purchase "Reflections On Green".

Today marks a huge finish to a crazy month in terms of sales. With 3 shows in March, I added up the sales to 14 pieces of original art, and one large Giclee' as shown in the photo above. I would have never guessed! The Doll Gardner Gallery, The Celebration of Creativity, and the Pittock Mansion were the 3 venues...all wonderful places to hang work, all gracious to artists. Now that I'm done with these shows, I'm planning on my next solo show which will be at the office of Commissioner Dan Saltzman in Downtown Portland in June.
But before that, I will have to shuttle a recent piece "Cafe' Seating" which I painted back in January up to the NPS Member's Exhibit to be held at the Gallery at the Community Center At Mercer View. This show will be featuring only pastel work from the members of the Northwest Pastel Society. I'll post more on that later.

Unbelievable Elephant Art!

I saw this on Youtube, and it blows me away...Watch and you too, can say it has "Elevated" art to a new level!

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"Hay Rolls" 4x7.5

"Hay Rolls" 4x7.5 Pastel

Last summer I went on a painting "holiday" with the Northwest Pastel Society to friendly Lopez Island. Lopez is located in the Puget Sound between BC, Canada and Washington. Everywhere you looked was another beautiful scene to paint! There were many picturesque farms on the island as well my favorite shoreline scenes from which to paint. I'm offering this little original pastel study framed in a simple, black metal frame with a spacer between the pastel and the Antique White matboard. Shipped Priority Mail the next business day to continental US locations only. Monitor colors may vary.


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"Paulina Marsh" 5.5x4

"Paulina Marsh" 5.5x4

On the same trip to Central Oregon as the previous post below, I came upon a beautiful lake that was formed by volcanic activity. Paulina Lake has a lot more bluish-greens than most lakes because of the overgrowth of algae and offers interesting edges on the shoreline. I'm offering this little original pastel study framed in a simple, black metal frame with a spacer between the pastel and the Antique White matboard. Shipped the next day to your continental US location. Monitor colors may vary.

FRAMED: $75.00 + $8.00 shipping continental US only.

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"Sky Over Bend" 3.75x5

"Sky Over Bend" 3.75x5" Pastel

I made a trip to Central Oregon last summer and this is a view taken from the passenger seat of our car. It was a beautiful blue sky that was wide open, clear, and clean...a view you just don't often see in the city! So, I painted it! I'm offering this little original pastel study framed in a simple, black metal frame with a spacer between the pastel and the Antique White matboard. Shipped the next day to your continental US location. Monitor colors may vary.

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"Boats and Ropes" 5x4

"Boats and Ropes" 5x4 Pastel

Moored by a small rope, these resting boats at the end of the day evoke a sense of quiet calm. I'm offering this small original framed pastel through Dusty Fingers for a limited time for $70.00 + $8.00 shipping. Framed in a simple black metal frame with a spacer between the pastel and the Antique White matboard, shipped US Priority mail the next day. Colors may vary due to monitor settings.

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Marsh's Edge 4x5.5

"Marsh's Edge" 4x5.5" $75.00 Sold

Well, I finally had time to get a few pastel studies completed (some from my Open Studio show last October) and am now going to offer them up for sale on Dusty Fingers for a limited time only. Transactions will be through secure PayPal and I will only be offering these pieces in the continental US. Expect shipment to go out the following day, unless otherwise noted. If I find enough desire for these small works of art, I may offer them up more regularly. "Marsh's Edge" measures 4" x 5.5" and is framed behind glass in a metal black frame with an Antique White mat. Frame measures 8" x 10". Colors may vary due to monitor settings. More to come...

FRAMED: $75.00 + $8.00 shipping continental US only. Sold

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"Midmorning at Jenkins" 12" x 9"

"Midmorning at Jenkins" 12" x 9" SOLD

Last night was the "Celebration of Creativity" reception and what fun! I'm done with receptions for awhile now, having had three in a week! All this hard work has paid off this time around having had two paintings sell last night. "Lavender Afternoon II" being one of my favorites, and "Midmorning at Jenkin's". I'm beginning to wonder if there really is a "recession" after having sold 9 paintings total this week. And so many joyful friends were there; artists, patrons and family. It was also my 21st anniversary with my wonderful husband Joe! Bliss! I'm now focusing on getting my entries into the Northwest Pastel Society's upcoming shows and finding time at the easel again.
Giclee' print available online at Imagekind.


Pittock Mansion reception

Pittock Mansion Ballroom with all the goodies

My work is displayed in the butlers' pantry.

A new patron, Mathew purchases my "Morning Citrus"!

Last night was a lot of fun! The Pittock Mansion and Broderick Gallery opened their doors to the public for the "Shadow & Light" show of plein air work. I attended the Pittock Mansion First Thursday because that is where all my work was displayed. Driving up to the mansion on a clear spring night, one would feel like royalty. Stepping into the main entrance, there was a crowd walking around and enjoying good wine and appetizers. What are they called...horses doovers? Anyway, the Mansion was beautiful with all the lights on and the hosts were ecstatic with the turnout and the show itself. Just about every room had a work of art, placed in the very room it was inspired. Mine was in the butler's pantry next to the plastic grapefruit! It sounds funny, but I thought the fruit was "real" when I took the reference photo! Ah, the deception! I finally had the nerve to pick them up, flashing back to my childhood and my parents telling me "do not touch that" and finding out that they are not real! After all that, I found out I sold a painting to a new patron Mathew, who works on the Mansions' committee for event planning. Tonight, I will be at the Celebration of Creativity artist's reception. Hope to see you there!


Sales are HOT!...for now

"Glimpse of Gold" 7" x 8.5" sold

Sales are hot...at least for now! Usually, as an artist, a sale comes along every so often, and that's always great... Well, this week 6 paintings were purchased from a variety of venues! To say I'm thrilled is an understatement! I was telling my husband tonight over dinner and a celebratory glass of wine, that if just one piece sold every month every time, then it wouldn't be as exciting as the 6 in one week! Oh... the highs and lows of being an artist! Cheers!
On another note, I had my opening reception at the Doll Gardner Gallery. It is a beautiful venue to hang work. I spoke to a small crowd of art appreciators about the combined work of Gretha Lindwoods' and my work and loved the question and answer session. "How do you know when you are done working on a painting?", one curious patron asked. "When I can tell that the piece communicates just what I want it to say" is my answer to that!

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